Fiction Shore is on Vimeo! (& Instagram & Twitter!)

Hi everyone, as I slowly put Fiction Shore together step by step, I would like to introduce to you Fiction Shore’s Vimeo channel here. Essentially, Fiction Shore is the collaborative work space of Weidong and myself. The videos you see are what we have so far as a duo, often with the graceful help of many talented organizations and individuals.

Just released: Standard Chartered Corporate Video

Coming up is the Fiction Shore website ETA July 2013 that I am personally very excited about. Here’s a quick temporary write-up of what Fiction Shore is:

It is an arts collective that will continue to explore and produce artistic works spanning the film and theatre industry. Fiction Shore will also continue to share their love for literature, imagery and music to the community.

Fiction Shore is also on Instagram and Twitter. There will be a blog within the Fiction Shore website where Weidong and myself will continue to share ideas, views and processes. More updates on the website as we go along!

Pink Dot 2013 Campaign Video


“The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask. There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.”
– Jim Morrison

Thanks to everybody who got together to make this video happen. It has been my greatest pleasure to be the 1st Asst Director for this shoot.


‘我認識過的人’ by Bevlyn Khoo

Very rarely do I come across a song that resonates deeply with me, coincidentally at a age where I finally possess the capacity and courage to understand the underlying meaning of loving and losing. And even more unbelievable so was the fact that I was approached to direct the music video for this song, which I am very proud to have done at this moment in time. There is a story in the video, and that story is everyone’s story. A story of having loved and lost and then having the courage to dare love again.

Clearly a song written by Bevlyn for all ladies out there with similar experiences, but the song is never demeaning to guys. Two people don’t last for a variety of reasons and couples may not stay together for as long as they should and it will hurt. For some, it will hurt very long. But I believe the message to take away from this song is to always be strong and know that you are standing today, stronger than ever. And what’s happened and passed, had it’s sweetness and it’s lessons and you should smile again because you have them.

So I present this video, the first music video work under my newly born company Fiction Shore.

Congrats to Bevlyn for bringing such wonderful music to the Singapore independent scene. Have a great time at your upcoming album launch and I know that this song will continue to find its way and touch a lot of people. Thanks to everyone who saw me through this project. It was stressful but it was worth it.

Please support Bevlyn’s music at her Official WebsiteFacebook. Buy original CDs!

The Allure Of Love

Someone who does not run

towards the allure of love walks

a road where nothing lives.


But this dove here senses

the love-hawk floating above

and waits and will not be driven

or scared to safety.


Jalaluddin Rumi, from ‘The Book Of Love

‘Overgrown’ by James Blake

James Blake, an alumni of Goldsmiths University of London hehehe, released his second album ‘Overgrown‘ after the success of his first self-titled album. Quite the breakout musician of late I must say, his electronic tracks and his vocals work too well together to not be noticed by anyone who bothers to listen. The new album, on first listen, feels fuller. And as a listener, I can certainly hear Blake’s confidence and sentimentalism over the album’s 11 tracks.

Here’s the title track ‘Overgrown

Loads of critically positive reviews floating around affirms the quality of Jame Blake’s music. The album and his brand of electronic music is also easy on the ears, although I wouldn’t call it mainstream. Interestingly, James Blake does not remind me of any singer, unlike how Jason Mraz reminds me of Josh Rouse. And that is a good thing. Listening to ‘Overgrown’ is comfortable and easy. And most of all, quite exciting. Please support James Blake by purchasing his album. On iTunes at the very least 😀

Here’s the lead single of the album ‘Retrograde

Here’s a Joni Mitchell’s cover ‘A Case Of You‘ from his earlier ‘Enough Thunder‘ EP. Super beautiful.

I am 29.

So what?

People naturally go ‘oooh you are turning 30 next year’ and what not but I do not see that as anything definitive or significant. I mean sure, 30 is a nice number. But that does not explain why 21 is a significant age instead of 20 in the same argument. I like where I am. And I think that every year can be and should be a significant year. Why would I make any given year more special so the past year can be less so? Why would I be afraid of being older when it means I am wiser? I wouldn’t give anything to go back to being 21. If it’s a choice between going back and death, I choose going back to 25, at most. (Nicole Kidman’s Virginia Woolf chose death in The Hours. Siao.) I am glad I don’t have any post-teen pre-mature anxieties and problems to deal with and overcome, and most thankfully, not having to understand all those complexities of life all over again. I am good now. Thanks.

But why would I then, reject happiness that is being showered upon me? If my birthday is a reason for me to shower in joy, why not. Happiness is being peace, being contented and being aware. People love me so I accept it. I love people and I just want them to accept it. Loving a lover back for loving is an absurd concept. Anywayssss, here’s why my year has been awesome so far:

1. I was very busy in Q1 of 2013. Thanks to the Fortune God.

2. For the first time in 10 years, I know who my real buddies are. And they know who I am.

3. I helped 2 of my most favourite men propose to their gfs. Such joy!

4. Babies. One for Joel. One (more) for Xiongkun. One (more) for my Brother in June. (Niece for me)

5. I registered Fiction Shore. Which is a company I now own. But it is doing nothing at the moment thanks! Excited nonetheless.

6. I got a new Porter Japan wallet from Weidong + Edward + YY. Long wallets are back ho’

7. I found a MUJI umbrella that is worthy to replace my love for the ‘superbig when opened but supersmall when closed’ Uniqlo umbrella.

8. Bought a GoPro camera, hopefully to go pro. But mostly in slow-motion.

9. Applying to study again, which gets me all motivated.

10. Met new friends, who introduced me more new friends and more new friends. Eventually all these new friends got involved in my music video. Releasing soon.

11. Wonderful dinner and cake by Eric. Very very memorable.

12. I bought myself the iPhone 5 and Freitag phone case. Bye bye to lousy home button 🙂 Bye bye to gimmicky Coin Phone case 😦

13. There is a sheltered walkway from my block to the bus stop. It forever changed the way I imagined my neighbourhood.

14. The new smoking bans. If you can’t fight the law, fight the habit.

15. In a world with lesser Faye Wong albums, I am not the least bit affected due to my periodic eBay purchases.

16. Pokka introduced, after a thousand years, Green Tea with no sugar.

The list doesn’t end. But this post shall. With it I would like to share a video that is apparently the Grandfather of viral videos:

‘3 Days Grace’ by Kenny Tan

I fondly remember the days we spent shooting this film. It was through this film that I got to know a lot of talented people with whom I continued working beyond my NTU days.

And funnily, this was the first film that I performed the role of Assistant Director. After that, I realized it was actually quite a fun thing to do: To be a regimental CSM of a film shoot.

Here’s the film link:

Thank god most of us graduated with flying technicolour.

This Weekend

This weekend, my body is here but my heart is elsewhere.

Luckily my heart doesn’t need a passport to travel~

Happy Birthday Stan


I am sure you remembered this TWG we went to, because it was too early and they didn’t have anything (we want) that we can order from the menu. Indeed, the food I eventually ordered wasn’t something I would order again and the tea I ordered was probably the least exciting, amongst the hundreds available. Perhaps I am just bad with decisions.

I met you when you were gonna leave the theatre industry, but somehow I think you are going to end up staying. Not that I assume you cannot do well in other areas, but I believe you will do good by staying. And I think when you work with love, and with the mindset and skill set of yours, you can achieve what you want to, even if you stay.

So Happy Birthday Stanley~ You are very lucky because you are cheerful that way. You are very lucky because you are optimistic that way. Don’t ever stop letting us feel your Stanley-ness.

I know you have not seen The Shawshank Redemption.


‘Breakers’ by Gem Club

Video of ‘252‘ performed by Gem Club

I actually sat in my chair for almost 10 minutes and I cannot recall when was the first time I heard Gem Club. I remember buying their albums off their official website, which was something I hardly do. I remember seeing this album ‘Breakers‘ at HMV and I had to get it, despite the online purchase. I think I have been listening to a point where I blurred my own memory of how I got hooked to them. Sort of like how a dream has no beginning.

And how extremely dreamy Gem Club sounds my goodness. Their music feels very spacious, yet very trapped. Its heavy, yet its floating. Their music feels rainy, melancholic and sorrowful. There’s understated grandeur yet overwhelming sense of helplessness. (Ok I am not a music critic and I am romanticizing Gem Club, but that’s true love.) Their sounds remind me of a lot of musicians before them but I just cannot put a finger on who. They seem too melodious for Sigur Ros but yet too ethereal for The Perishers. It is a little Cocteau Twins? I am really not sure. But I am seriously very drawn to their music.

Video of ‘I Heard The Party‘ and ‘Twins‘ by Gem Club

Did I mention that I mentioned them on Twitter about how much I enjoyed their music and they replied? Super happy lol #fanboy. Looking forward to their future new material. Gem Club is best for: 1. Long bus or train rides 2. Slow-motion daydreams 3. Working on an art piece that uses your eyes a lot (painting or figure drawing for example)